Since 2008, Kohinur Enterprise has been associated with Bangladesh railway as a major supplier of locomotive and specialized breaking system.

The relationship, built over a period of 10 years, has enabled BR to have full confidence in the company, thereby ensuring smooth operation of their fleet. We provide a wide range of services and applications to meet the ever-growing complexity needs of Customers.

We strongly believe in establishing long term relationship with leading companies will build up the required rapport as to establish a partnership with our Customers. Responsive to our Customer’s needs, understanding their requirement and carefully selecting and implementing new products makes us a great team of flow control specialist.

We have supplied railway machinery & parts from Germany, Japan, UK, and European company. Our company also supplied various types of railway parts like Roof mounted Ac package unit,Diesel Generating sets, Stamford Alternator, Fuel pump test stand machine, Wheel Lathe machine, Balancing machine, Rotating cleaning System etc.our big project is supply of Over Head crane and Duetz disel Engine& Diesel Generating Sets.

We are now enhancing our business in construction side. We are worked in a kamalapur ICC container terminal, Dhaka.

Our company is very much known to major government organization such as Public works Department, Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh power and water development boards, Local Govt. department, Chittagong city corporation and Dhaka city corporation etc. our record in executing large contracts in excel.

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